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(The Country’s first Online Mortgage Platform With its Payments Made Through E-Naira and Cryptocurrency).
The real estate sector in Nigeria is a sector that never depreciates. It increases in value with a 300% ROI over 18 months to 2 years. People are becoming more aware of this and are looking to buy a property either for rental income or to live in it. Regardless, after making that bold decision to purchase a house, you realize you don’t have the money to buy a house. Well just to let you know, most people who buy a home get a mortgage, purchase it and then move in but in this part of the world (Nigeria), it can be a little bit harder and tedious and that’s where we come in.
Hav’i-Lah homes Finance is providing long-term payment plans to its customers, our goal is to make up to 5000 home owners in 2 years through online mortgage financing. In the past, we were able to help some buyers purchase long term payment plans with a minimum of 10 years through other mortgage lenders but now we are setting up a full digital mortgage market place, where people can shop for different mortgage options according to their qualifications .
We have identified a problem which is people’s need to acquire a mortgage loan but do not want to go through the tedious process of our traditional mortgage banks, with a N29million housing deficit which will take N59.5 trillion indicating the vast and untapped potential of Nigeria’s real estate sector, Hav’I-Lah Real Estate is here to bridge that Gap and provide adequate solutions to that effect.
We are the first of its kind in Africa to Kick off the digital mortgage finance, it would be mind blowing and something a lot of people would want to explore. As we all know, the online platform is a Centre medium to reach Nigerians in the Diaspora and across the world to make them also become Homeowners here in Nigeria.
Diasporas can access this mortgage platform through our Payment hubs like E-naira (Central bank digital currency issued and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria) and Cryptocurrencies as we intend also creating a Block chain for this purpose, most home buyers are not buying houses but creating wealth through the block chain technology.
Globally, the real estate industry in 2020 saw total revenues of $4,243.6 billion, now let’s jump into how you can access this; with a 35% equity, regardless of your qualification, anyone can access a loan from us, we intend to make this easy for all our customers. There is an option for everyone, employed and self-employed. Hav’i-Lah Home Finance has been created in a way to serve everybody from different spheres of work, so do not think you can’t access a loan, there might be an option for you. You can also calculate your monthly payment and compare our interest rate through our online calculator.
Payment Structure
We are creating Blockchain technology as this Would help our buyers to own a home physically and also on the Blockchain through Metaverse. This would also yield large profits for the buyer as it’s not an asset purchase but an investment.
All Payments are to be made through the Digital platforms as we will incorporate the E-Naira (It is the digital form of the Naira and is used just like cash) platform for easy payments especially customers in the Diaspora.
Also, we are working with creating our Blockchain technology (MetaHav) where our coin can be used to purchase these properties and also Accepting 2 major exchanges like Binance and Ethereum.
This is also in turn creates wealth for each house buyer as the value rises.

Benefits Of This Online Mortgage Financing Includes:

Components of our Mortgage Payment


The mortgage principal is what you borrow to purchase the house, also known as the loan amount. This is the most straightforward component of your loan payment.


The interest rate is the cost of borrowing money and essentially what we are charging for us to lend you money. Interest rates fluctuate on a variety of factors including your type of loan, home location, down payment, credit score, and more.


Your escrow account is set up to collect your monthly taxes and insurance to pay in a lump sum at the end of the year. The payment is normally completed by us making it a seamless process for you as the borrower.